Mar 252014
  • Let’s unlock the door to your creative limitless potential together.
  • My mission is to empower you to Free your Muse. Live your dreams, accept your creative essence,

  • be authentic to your desires and experience creative freedom and success.

  • Allow yourself to awaken your creative muse and overcome the hurdles which may be keeping
    you from fully expressing your creativity.

  • If the blocks are subconscious we may release them through hypnotherapy, if you are open
    to exploring such a tool

  • Let’s get to the source of your vision and let’s bring it to fruition.

Free the Muse Forevermore!

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Mar 102014

Change is such a wonderful thing. I know you’re thinking–I’m a little off. Most people fear change but, to me change is an opportunity for growth.  An opportunity to flow if you will, with the currents of life.

When I look at an Astrological chart, for example,  I see it as a road map to life. A physical graph which shows abilities, challenges, opportunities and all those things that brought us Continue reading

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Feb 242014

Why is it easier to give advice then to listen to your own. As a Creativity Coach I help others with motivation, inspiration; whatever it takes to get somebody going and living their dreams. Of course, coaching, mentoring is part of my overall vision and dreams too. But, we all have personal dreams which sometimes we set aside in order to be there

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Feb 182011

I remember the day when I was opposed to the onslaught of technology. Setting down to write was an artful and creative process that flowed from my pen, (sometimes a fountain pen) to the page. Editing was something else. That was a tenuous work of crossing out sentences, sometimes whole paragraphs and then re-writing pages at the time. It was time consuming and a test of patience at the least Continue reading

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Oct 022010

Social Media is here and we cannot escape. If you want your business to grow, if you want to be of service, you must take the plunge and do it. For a time I’ve been hesitant to dive into the world of Facebook, twitter and other social sites. It is something to consider. How much do we want to share with the world. How can we keep our private lives Continue reading

Jun 162007

You’re a writer–that’s your life’s passion. I’m glad we settled that. We have bi-passed the feelings of what to do and what to search for. And you have a good idea of your Life’s Purpose. Your conviction is set –you know what you are, who you are. You have declared yourself by saying, by stating by sometimes screaming at the top of your lungs “I am a writer.” You’ve come Continue reading

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Jun 122007

It is wonderful to dream, visualize and affirm, but it’s even better when your dreams become reality when you manifest the life you desire. This is something I’ve been observing and becoming a part off for years. It is hard to say exactly when it all started to take shape, but take shape it did.

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Jun 012007

Blogging is here to stay. As a writer’s coach I advise my clients to get on the Blog. It is not only a way for writers to practice their craft but a way to develop notoriety and share the expertise in their field. There are many reasons to blog, as an upcoming author you may not have a website yet, but a blog can help get exposure for your  talents. Many service business owners Continue reading

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