My Mission

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Mar 252014
  • Let’s unlock the door to your creative limitless potential together.
  • My mission is to empower you to Free your Muse. Live your dreams, accept your creative essence,

  • be authentic to your desires and experience creative freedom and success.

  • Allow yourself to awaken your creative muse and overcome the hurdles which may be keeping
    you from fully expressing your creativity.

  • If the blocks are subconscious we may release them through hypnotherapy, if you are open
    to exploring such a tool

  • Let’s get to the source of your vision and let’s bring it to fruition.

Free the Muse Forevermore!

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Oct 072015

Rosa de Muerte 1This is the time of the year we allow our imagination to take flight and have fun. Whether you celebrate Halloween or Hallows Eve or whatever you want to call the celebration of Autumn and the Gathering. Allow yourself to expand your imagination and free the Creative Child Within. With the bright eyes of your inner child you… Continue reading

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Feb 012015

ThA 3 Hat Rackis article has been published in  February Issue of Sibyl Magazine.  Go take a look, this online Magazine is full of insight and inspiration. There are many articles to explore, mine is on page 32. Enjoy!

Get a Hat Rack; this is a must as an Artist and a Creative Entrepreneur. Creating beautiful art … Continue reading

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Nov 142014

Monarch 4

 Discovery and change is important at any stage. To go with the flow of the moment is    very instrumental in the positive results we obtain in life. Being open to change in our   journey is what leads to unprecedented and exiting discoveries. 

Feeling stuck is sometimes a

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Jun 132014

How many of you are tired with all the promising ways to become a millionaire? More productive, more successful, but when do you actually get the time to work on your craft?
Whether is through being a top-notch life coach, a bestselling author with all the marketing tools to sky-rocket your writing career or the Mufti-millionaire speaker, getting $50,000 for a key note speaking… Continue reading

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Mar 292014

The Creativity Writers’ Coach is the facet which can take a writer to the success he or she has dreamed about for years. The coach provides direction, motivation and accountability. The coach not only speaks but more importantly listens. The coach is the impartial cheerleader when the project seems impossible.
Read on to discover

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Mar 102014

Change is such a wonderful thing. I know you’re thinking–I’m a little off. Most people fear change but, to me change is an opportunity for growth.  An opportunity to flow if you will, with the currents of life.

When I look at an Astrological chart, for example,  I see it as a road map to life. A physical graph which shows abilities, challenges, opportunities and all those things that brought us Continue reading

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Feb 242014

Why is it easier to give advice then to listen to your own. As a Creativity Coach I help others with motivation, inspiration; whatever it takes to get somebody going and living their dreams. Of course, coaching, mentoring is part of my overall vision and dreams too. But, we all have personal dreams which sometimes we set aside in order to be there

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Feb 182011

I remember the day when I was opposed to the onslaught of technology. Setting down to write was an artful and creative process that flowed from my pen, (sometimes a fountain pen) to the page. Editing was something else. That was a tenuous work of crossing out sentences, sometimes whole paragraphs and then re-writing pages at the time. It was time consuming and a test of patience at the least Continue reading

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